October 2009
Honor was wearing Silver Sparkle Shoes by Converse (first seen on September 29th 2009), while out with her daddy in LA on October 6th 2009.

Honor was wearing Denim Vest and Purple Ruffle Shirt both 77kids/American Eagle and Janine Pink & Navy Shoes by Pediped, while shopping at Bel Bambini on October 7th 2009.
info: Leggings by Juicy Couture; Ribbed Cardigan by Bonpoint (first seen on June 21st 2009).


  1. Hi, I'm Rosablu from the blog Aubry&warren fashion.
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  2. Well, I didn't really think about it the idea just came to my mind when I saw your blog. What about sharing pictures and info, for example I will soon have my exams and I will not have a lot of time to look for the outfits, you could help me and I could help you back when you will have less time for your blog. Something like this or whatever else could be useful for both of us, think about it and let me know ok? Bye!

  3. Its soo sad you stopped i really love her style

  4. I understand you don't have enough time for all your blogs (I know it.. :) ), but I think that many people would be soo glad to see another Honor's clothes! :)

    If you can continue, let's do it! :))

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